Festive Bites 2017

Festive Bites 2017

Christmas is a time of seasonal festivities that every culture celebrates, with slight differences on what is served on the dinner table.

The British have classics of roast turkey and other poultry show-stopping centerpieces, puddings and mince pies.

Down Under in Australia, where it’s just a little bit hotter, enjoys a “barbie” (that’s Aussie slang for a BBQ!), seafood and a nice pavlova topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits. Our Dutch Christmas treats include Oliebollen and other delicious desserts made out of sweet almond paste. Wherever we come from, we all enjoy a good meal surrounded by family and friends.

As a chef, I have been part of the catering for many Christmas feasts and have also observed friends slaving over the stove in the lead up of Christmas. So I thought I’d give you these three EASY steps to make your Christmas a more enjoyable treat!

1. Keep it simple, leave the turduckens and the elaborate Christmas treats to the pros! Focus
on getting great produce and cooking them to perfection (which is easier said than done.) There are a ton of great resources from books to the Internet with recipes on how to get creative, but cook something that you can manage. The last thing we all want is additional stress in the kitchen when hosting friends and family! And if all fails ensure that you have your favorite drink close at hand.

2. Planning is key to a successful event! You don’t want to be running out to the supermarket last minute to grab some raisins because you ran out at home. Making sure you have a list of ingredients you need and also a list of what needs to be prepared gives you clarity to how your cooking is going and rope in some extra hands around the kitchen —cooking is a family ordeal! Smarter yet, organise a pot-luck and get everyone to bring a dish.

3. Christmas is a huge time of leftovers or excess food. I hate food wastage and am always thinking of creative ways of using leftovers. Better yet, as a rule of thumb, cater about 500g of food per person. That includes all your proteins, carbs, veggies etc. Find a new way to use up extra food, whether it is inviting a new neighbour over for a meal or re-acquainting yourself with an old friend, Christmas is a great excuse to do something out of your comfort zone.

And if cooking is not your thing and you would rather cater; the team at Jaxs Bistro has crafted a delicious variety of festive takeaways. If you are just looking to get your fill of Christmas favorites, our blackboard menu, which starts from Dec 8, will feature classics like our chicken and ham terrine served with apricot compote and homemade raisin bread, and as a main course, roast turkey stuffed with seasonal roast vegetables and cranberry sauce. For a classic finish, indulge in a chocolatey favourite for all – our homemade Nutella log cake.

For corporate events we do have a festive buffet menu starting from $45++. Contact info@jaxsbistro. com for enquiries — bookings need to be confirmed five days prior to the event.

Also watch out for our kids’ cooking events that we will be hosting during the month of December! Drop us an email if you want to be kept posted on the latest details!

Happy Cooking,

Have a Merry ‘Xmas and see you soon!

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