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“The kid cooking boom is fuelled by parents who want their children to have basic kitchen skills in a society where domestic helpers and eating out are common.”

“Led by head chef Tim Ong, this is the chance to get your budding Jamie Olivers and Nigella Lawsons to further develop and fine-tune their culinary skills.”

“If you have kids with a penchant for cooking, keep them busy with a week-long kitchen adventure where they not only learn the basics of cooking but also pick up life skills such as organisation, teamwork and leadership.”

“Helping others for a good cause gets better when good food is involved.” 

“This to-look-out-for cooking competition launched by Singapore’s Mediacorp will see contestants from across Asia Pacific cook, host and show their star prowess on multi- media platforms.”

“Looking for something fast and easy to make? Try Tim Ong’s yummy roast chicken salad” 

“Celebrity chef Tim Ong of Asian Food Channel’s “The Amazing Food Challenge” shares his method on how to prepare this unique East-meets-West Peking Duck dish.”

“You’ll have to look twice at this dessert or you’d be tricked into thinking you’re eating a soft boiled egg!”

“CCD 2015 saw 77 participating companies and organizations with more than 2,000 employees volunteering in a wide array of activities ranging from tree planting to food distribution. The activities benefited more than 8,000 Singaporeans.”

“Exciting news for passionate young chefs! From 22 to 26 February 2016, for five days over the school break, St. Andrews Sathorn will launch the Super Chef camp for kids ages 6 to 12.”

“We sat down with swim coach Kristen, Super Chef Tim and art instructor Jayet to find out their favourite camp traditions and why they keep returning summer after summer…”

“Crack open this crusty pastry and let the wonderful scent of coffee-scented pulled pork fill the room!”

“Whether you’re looking for some quality bonding activities or hoping to pack the kids off for a week, we’ve got you covered with our list of holiday must-dos for young epicureans.”

“Join Eat List Star finalists Tim Ong and Charlotte de Drouas as they get together with Cynthea Lam of Super Farmers, to bring you a fun-filled farm-to-table Saturday! Learn how to grow your own food easily and create fast yet deliciously nutritious meals for the whole family.”

“Cooking is one of my boy’s favourite activities at home but while I love letting him help me with the mixing and washing, I hesitate to let him handle more in the kitchen. Well, that’s until we were invited to check out a session of Campasia’s new Saturday Super Chef program!”

“Children love to ask questions and there are lots of ways to feed their curiosity – starting in the kitchen. Because the kitchen can be a fascinating place for children, cooking is a fantastic activity for them to learn and practice a whole range of skills. Plus it gives them an understanding of food and where it all comes from.”

“Saturday Super Chef teaches little ones how to whip up a healthy meal and in turn, shapes little ones to make healthy eating decisions. Through this course, kids will also gain important life skills including teamwork, leadership and discipline.”

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